The 5 Best TED Talks I've Ever Watched

Wish you constantly had something interesting to talk about? [TED Talks]( are one of the best sources of insperation, thought fodder, and background noise to get the gears turning. My favorite morning ritual? Watch a TED talk to re... (Read More)

Best books I read in 2015

In 2015, I challanged myself to read 100 books before the end of the year. Unfortunately, I didn't reach my goal of 100 books— I got busy writing my own book and life generally just got in the way. The good news is I still read a TON of books. Her... (Read More)

What I learned from Max Levchin about starting companies and morning routines

This week, I got the pleasure of listening to [Max Levchin]( address the Bigcommerce office with some thoughts about business, entrepreneurism, and [helmets that help you re-grow hair]( Max Levchin... (Read More)

Favorite reads from Jan-Feb 2015

I've been pretty quiet on the blog this year! It's because I've been busy reading :) This year, I set my reading goal ambitiously high at 100 books— or about 8 books per month. While it seems crazy, it's only about 55 pages per night. So far, I've ... (Read More)

How to become your own Messiah in 2015 (and why I HATE Resolutions)

It was the end of 2006 and my life was a disaster. I was sleeping on the floor, curled up in the corner of my rented bedroom. I couldn’t afford a bed. I made $15,392.19 in 2006. I had over $10,000 in credit card debt. (Read More)