I love helping people, but my schedule is strapped so incredibly thin. I’m hyperfocused on my full-time work at a growth startup, writing books, and creating lots of content. I can’t focus the one-on-one time that I’d love to do with every single one of my readers.

But, for a limited time, I’m offering one-on-one sessions for an hourly fee. You get an entire hour with me, to ask me any questions or advice that you want— anything from productivity strategies to startup questions. I’ll give my honest and open feedback. We’ll do it over Skype.

I usually only offer one session per week and will take down this link if I get too busy, so grab a session now.

Book a One-Hour Consultation

By the way, this is way less than I usually charge— I normally charge over $1000 an hour when consulting with VC firms.

After you purchase your session, I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to schedule a time.