Run naked

In life, in business, in everything, we have the tendency to hide the rough edges, smooth over the unappealing, and give the illusion of perfect. Startups gloss over numbers, exaggerate, hide details- terrified of giving away some non-existant secret. People hide their feelings, opinions, and act on their best behavior.

Here’s a secret- no one likes your best behavior. Be real.

Run naked, and I don’t mean it literally, but run naked in your entire life. Parade your flaws. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Have an opinion. Be passionate. Let your personality rip. It’s what makes you charming, lovable.

Open up and share your secrets. Blog about how much money your business makes. Tell people your middle name. Stop being that guy at the beach with a shirt on. Own it.

Okay, so maybe I did mean it literally

I wanted to see how it’d really feel to run naked. So, I just went out and logged a late night 1 miler, completely buck-ass naked. That’s right- no shirt, no shoes, no pants, no problem? Naked.

I logged my best flat-out mile time- 5:24. And it didn’t even feel difficult. The adrenaline was out of control- it was incredible. I felt alive. Nervous and scared, too. But alive.

Cut the bullshit. Be yourself and nothing else. It’s liberating and will change everything you thought that you knew. Who knows, if it’s anything like my run you’ll end-up breaking some of your own records.

Oh, and who would believe me without proof?